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12729080_895277900591420_4281379337238666481_nWest Lincoln, like many communities in Rural Ontario are under attack from the Green Energy Act and will never be the same.

S-T-O-P watches in dismay and reports as our farm land is being eaten up by tonnes of concrete and steal, as our roads are destroyed by hundreds of cement trucks, as our trees are cut down for transmission line poles which will tower over our hydro polls and line our country roads, as our sky lines are littered with Industrial Wind Turbines that can be seen for miles and miles in every direction well over the tree lines, as what most don't see and won't feel, the negative health effects of those who already live under the shadow of IWT's those soon to be living near therm  and the negative effects on our children become more and more apparent and something we as a community will have to address, as the negative effects on our live stock, on our Eco systems and our wild life are felt by all becomes a reality, as we realize the price for this so called "Green Energy" will cost us all dearly.

We are one of many voices from all over Ontario and the World opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines placement near residential, commercial and educational real estate or near any place that can cause harm to humans or animals.   Locally we have Mothers Against Wind Turbines, which is recognized Nationally and West Lincoln / Glanbrook Wind Action Group, Inc., both groups are dedicated to protecting it's Residents.  West Lincoln is very fortunate to have so many well informed residents dedicated to fighting for those who call the Niagara Region Home.  It really is in your best interest to support them.  

S-T-O-P is not anti-environment or anti-wind.

Our goal is to provide pertinent and up to date information we deem important in keeping everyone well informed and educated on this highly volatile topic, to give people the resources to make well informed decisions for themselves.

It is our hope to get those who are NOT under the shadow of the Industrial Wind Turbines to join the  campaign against IWT'S  by making them aware of how much they are subsidizing these turbines through their hydro bills because of a bad idealistic energy plan that is “green” in name only and has led to Ontario having the highest hydro rates in North America.

We encourage all opponents of the Industrial Wind Turbines to join together and INSIST their Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments not only HEAR us but LISTEN to what we are saying.  NO TO INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES!!   We live in a democracy that dictates ALL of these levels of Government MUST listen to their people.  Which means, on a local level, West Lincoln residents attend Council meetings where Industrial Turbines or topics related to them are well attended.  You can be sure your local groups will be there to advocate for you.  (watch for requests for support) 

On S-T-O-P, Personal stories, opinions and insights of those who wish to share their thoughts and experiences with the rest of us can be found here. Contact us, either via website "contact us" or message us on Facebook, we will be happy to post your story. (names withheld on request always) 

Opposition starts at home, in our community, our Municipal Government must see that we will not ever find the Industrialization of our Rural Community acceptable.   

West Lincoln has joined other townships examples of putting their communities well being before the big corporate bullies, Many  have joined the campaign against the Industrial Wind Turbines trying to take over our rural Ontario.  We all continue to send the message loud and clear to the front door of the wind companies and our Government that we will not be made to suffer the after effects of the turbines because of one mans’ stroke of a pen.

Our fight does not end in our own back yard; we must continue to apply pressure to our Provincial and Federal Governments and join the efforts from around the World to ensure all are protected once and for all from the Wind Industry and their disregard for us, our children, grand-children and our communities’ wellness no matter where we live.

You can start by forwarding this web-site to everyone you care about and visit often for updates on the fight against the Industrial Wind Turbines.  We will continue to post local, provincial, federal and global news regarding to and related to Industrial Wind Turbines.   You can also find us on Facebook Smithville Turbine Opposition Party

Your friends at S-T-O-P.